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System Internals (MS) A site with a a lot of cool system utilities.

TaskListPrograms A listing of pesky TSR's and background apps.

DLL DataBase (MS) DLL Database.

Software Development:

CodeProject A good source for tutorials on cutting edge technologies.

C# Corner Another site with good tutorials.

W3C's Validator A nice website that allows you to check your html for errors and compliance.

Convert VB.Net to C# code A nice web utility that allows you to convert from/to VB.Net and C#.

Computer Hardware:

Lenovo Maker of quality laptops, formerly IBM.

Logitech Maker of high quality computer accessories. I highly recommend their computer audio speakers.

LTB Maker of entry level 5.1 USB headphones with 6 separate drivers.

Roccat Studio Maker of high-quality pc gaming hardware.


Freeware Genius Extensive listing of reviewed freeware.

Instructables Nifty DIY projects.

Makezine Blog with cool DIY projects.

LifeHacker Ways to improve your life thru technology.

X10 Wireless Home Affordable Home Automation.

CyberGuys A website for hard to find computer accessories.

PriceWatch Various electronics sorted by price, shipping, and store.  Good for finding general non-retail prices on electronic.  I'd still advise you to check the product on Amazon's comments first.

VPI A place for high-quality and well priced Ethernet and video cables.

GadgetKing  A site with some of the latest gadgets and gizmos.

Ninite A batch silent installer that makes PC setup easy.

ScanGauge An awesome automotive computer that can determine trouble codes, record your trip and show you internal real-time gauges.

Souers Technology and Music Services My brother's Technology and Music Service Company.

Dustin Souers My brother's personal website.

Souers Family Genealogy website.