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Here is my list of recommended android apps for Android. You can download the apps via Google Play or Amazon AppStore.


Name: Software description and functionality:
ToDo Task Manager - Lite A very nice task (todo) editor and home-screen widget. The Pro version also has CSV import ability.
Android Agenda Widget A good replacement for the default calendar widget.
Sync.ME Syncs your contact photos and some information from Facebook and LinkedIn.


Name: Software description and functionality:
Adobe Photoshop Express Basic photo editor with useful functions as crop and adjusting the exposure for fixing low light pictures.
TapeMachine Lite A mobile voice recorder, good for taking notes in widely accepted audio formats: WAV, AIFF, FLAC.


Name: Software description and functionality:
K9 Mail Nice consolidated email client with support for POP, IMAP, and Google.
AccuWeather Nice weather app with MinuteCast and widget (usually more aggressive forecast when rain is a possibility).
RSS Reader Nice simple RSS Reader.
SmartConnect Allows you to setup profiles triggered by time or device.
GasBuddy Map with gas local prices and price hike alerts.

System Optimization / Cleaning:

System Optimization / Cleaning
Name: Software description and functionality:
Android Assistant A really useful utility to prevent certain carrier bloat-ware apps from starting extending your battery, cache cleaner, plus some other tools.