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4/21/2016 - Mobility Improvements by

Mobility Improvements Derek Souers The layout and resources are now more mobile friendly. In addition the Recommended Android Freeware page has been updated.

4/20/2016 - Additions to Home Automation by

Additions to Home Automation Derek Souers The Home Automation page has been extended with recommended hardware and modules for automation your home.

4/15/2016 - Visual Improvements and content changes by

Visual Improvements and content changes Derek Souers There has been numerous visual improvements and content changes. Take a look around.

3/26/2012 - Save money on Gas with the Gas Prices Gadget by

Save money on Gas with the Gas Prices Gadget Derek Souers I didn't develop this app, however thought it be good to share with the rising prices at the pump. It displays the cheapest gas prices around your city or zip code. For Windows 7 or Vista users only. Download it GasPrices.gadget.
Windows 7 Gas Prices Gadget - Find cheap local gas for your auto

4/3/2011 - New Android Freeware page by

New Android Freeware page Derek Souers I have added a new page with recommended freeware for the Android. Check it out Android Freeware page.
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